Streamline the distribution of aircraft billing data

Save time and improve billing accuracy with a single platform for distributing aircraft data airports and ANSPs need to issue invoices

What our partners say

LOOP has helped British Airways to reduce the amount of time and resource dedicated to sending fleet data and responding to data requests from stakeholders on the network. LOOP has enabled British Airways to centralise our fleet data and documentation to be a single source of truth for external users via a secure, permission led, online environment.
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Here at Norwegian, we are very impressed with LOOP. It’s intuitive to use, saves time for our operations department and the support we receive from the team at RDC is fantastic. We are very grateful for our opportunity to join the LOOP community!
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easyJet has been using LOOP since 2020. During this time it has helped to significantly streamline the distribution of our fleet data to the airports on our network. LOOP enables airports to keep pace with the numerous changes to our fleet data and documentation, ensuring that their finance and operational systems always contain the latest information, resulting in greater invoice accuracy.
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Smarter fleet data distribution

With LOOP, operators can introduce significant efficiencies into the airline-airport/ANSP relationship. As a centralised distribution platform for managing and sharing billing-required fleet information, LOOP helps airlines to cut time in fleet distribution and improve invoice accuracy from airports and ANSPs.


Save time

Manage your fleet data in one format and one location whilst sharing to all airports and ANSPs on your network.


Improve invoice accuracy

LOOP helps to improve accuracy by ensuring airports and ANSPs have access to the right data - validated against noise certificates - to calculate invoices.


Secure data distribution

Your data is shared on a secure, permission-driven platform letting you choose who has access to it.

More than half of the operators we spoke to don’t have systems in place to fully validate the invoices received from airports and ANSPs and of those that do, over 30% of invoices can end up being disputed. One of the most common reasons is the use of incorrect data to generate the invoice. LOOP connects airports and ANSPs with data maintained by the operators, eliminating part of the problem.

Built by experts

Over the years RDC has formed a network of trusted, long-term relationships with a vast array of operators from single jet business operators to international airline groups. Using decades of experience of working with aircraft data and airport charges information, RDC will independently verify and validate data to ensure the highest levels of reliability.

Detailed features


Manage fleet data in one format, not many

With LOOP, you can forget managing the various fleet submission formats for airports and ANSPs across your network. Instead, manage the data in one format and airports and ANSPs will export it in the way that works for them.


Efficient distribution of noise certificates

LOOP is about more than just data distribution. As a key component of the airport/ANSP-airline billing process, noise certificates can be stored and downloaded for each individual aircraft, including certificate renewals over time. Key data from the noise certificate is digitised and made available via the LOOP data exchange platform.


The single source of truth for fleet billing data

Your fleet data is managed on one platform, which means that not only can it be shared with airports, ANSPs or any other party you choose, but can also be shared with colleagues to become a single internal source of truth.


Close the contact book

Remove the need to manage contacts across all the airports and ANSPs on your network. Instead with LOOP you are automatically submitting to and notifying all those subscribed the moment your data is published.


Reduce disputes and improve cashflow

When aircraft data is managed through LOOP, airports and ANSPs have access to accurate, independently-validated, billing-ready data on which to issue accurate invoices, reducing disputes and improving cashflow.


More accurate cost forecasting / budgeting

When airports and ANSPs are able to bill more accurately, you can be more confident in your budgeting.


Improved accuracy of pro-forma invoices

Airports and ANSPs don’t need to spend time requesting fleet information from carriers that haven’t accessed their airport before, instead they have immediate access through LOOP. For ad-hoc operators, that means the invoices you’re issued will be more accurate.


Improved integration with common export formats

Billing-ready fleet data has application beyond the airport/ANSP-airline relationship. Standard LOOP export formats enable quick output of data for provision to third parties (CAA’s, Eurocontrol, handling agents etc).

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