One place to access independently-verified data required for your aeronautical invoicing

Minimise the time spent processing fleet and other data from your operators with a single, verified, billing-ready source.

What our partners say

LOOP is user friendly with an intuitive interface and has streamlined our quality control process significantly, freeing up time, enabling us to increase productivity in other areas of our business.

We are extremely appreciative of the availability of the customer support team and the responsiveness of the development department at RDC.
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Focus on billing, not fixing

LOOP connects Operators and Airports/ANSPs like never before to dramatically improve the billing process. By acting as a single source for billing-related data, all parties maintain and retrieve data in the format they desire. Operator-submitted, but independently-verified, you can be confident that you’re receiving the data you need in the right format every time.


Minimise time spent researching and validating data

Pre-validated data is managed centrally and can be exported in the format that works for you.


Regular access to correct data

Updated data is available as soon as the operators update, meaning you have the most up-to-date information possible.


Remove the need to manage a network of contacts

LOOP acts as the single source for billing-related data, removing the need to manage individual contacts.

Built by experts

Over the years RDC has formed a network of trusted, long-term relationships with hundreds of airports, from local airfields to international hubs, as well as a wide range of ANSPs. Using decades of experience in calculating landing fees and user charges, RDC knows the importance of having accurate aircraft data to ensure the highest levels of reliability. That’s why all the data in LOOP is validated against the noise certificates for accuracy and consistency.

Detailed features


One source, your format

Stop managing multiple submission formats from different operators. View and export pre-validated and verified fleet data in the format that works for you.


Supporting documentation in one place

Noise documents, flight manuals and other supporting documentation is tagged against each airframe and updated by the operators.


Improve invoice accuracy, reduce time spent in dispute

More accurate and up-to-date data enables you to bill correctly the first time, ensuring less time is spent in invoice dispute processes.


Access changes to fleet as they happen

As new fleet data is published the changes are immediately accessible to you, enabling you to update your internal billing systems in a more timely manner.


Stop chasing for operator submissions

Operators are already becoming used to submitting their billing-related data through LOOP. Instead of chasing for the latest updates to data, recent changes are already available within the platform without prompt.

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