The Smart Way to Distribute Aviation Data

Welcome to a new way of connecting time-sensitive and financially-critical data


A centralised distribution platform for aircraft operators to connect their billing-ready fleet data to airports for instant access to the latest information.


Data in LOOP comes direct from operators with key data independently-verified by experts at RDC to ensure accuracy and trust.


LOOP gives aircraft operators full control over who can access their data to ensure it’s only available to the airports and ANSPs that need it.

Who is LOOP for?

The LOOP platform is at the start of a journey that is bringing together different sectors of the aviation industry by facilitating the seamless distribution of time-sensitive and financially-critical data.

LOOP’s first major role is to streamline the distribution of verified, billing-ready fleet data between operators (typically airlines and business jet charters) and the airports and ANSPs on their network.


Save time and improve billing accuracy with one single platform for distributing the aircraft data that airports and ANSPs need to issue invoices.

LOOP for Operators

Airports & ANSPs

Minimise the time spent processing fleet and other data from your operators with a single, verified and billing-ready source.

LOOP for Airports/ANSPs

Operators can register their interest for platform access through the above links or make direct fleet submissions to

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Over the years RDC has formed a network of trusted, long-term relationships with hundreds of operators and airports. Using decades of experience of working with aircraft data and airport charges information, RDC will independently verify and validate data to ensure the highest levels of reliability.

What Can LOOP do for me?

Whether you are an aircraft operator, an airport or ANSP, LOOP makes fleet data distribution a snap

Save time

Minimise data management, publishing and/or research time with one platform for all

Gain confidence

Key data independently verified by expert analysts at RDC provides confidence for all parties

Improve accuracy

Improve the accuracy of invoices by using up-to-date fleet data, directly from the best source

Maximise cash-flow

Reduce errors and time spent in invoice disputes

Powerful features

LOOP has all of the following out of the box…

Powerful data filtering Customised export formats Easy to view associated documentation User-defined columns and units Manage organisations / teams Integrates with your MyRDC account Access anywhere Everyone on the same page

…and this is just the beginning!

What else can LOOP do for me?

LOOP has been built with the future in mind. We’re looking to solve data distribution problems beyond that of the operator-airport billing case alone.

The technology platform that underpins LOOP has been built to enable us to broaden the scope so that more publishers and subscribers of data can benefit from the platform too. We’re taking a community-driven approach and welcome your valuable input into where LOOP can go from here. If you’d like to contact us about other use cases, please use the form below.

How can I find out more?

If you think LOOP can help your organisation we'd love to hear from you.
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