Extraordinary Aviation Data

Welcome to a new way of managing your fleet data


LOOP is a data exchange that allows publishers of data to connect with subscribers to instantly access up-to-date information


LOOP offers complete flexibility when it come to organising data which enables subscribers to visualise and export information tailored to their business needs.


LOOP gives data publishers full control over who can access their data to ensure it’s only available to subscribers that need it.

Who is LOOP for?

The LOOP data exchange brings different sectors of the aviation industry together by facilitating the seamless distribution of time sensitive and financially critical data. Powered by RDC, the first service using the LOOP platform allows airlines to distribute fleet information to airports on their network. Airlines wishing to participate in the LOOP fleet data exchange should contact LOOPdata@rdcaviation.com

What Can LOOP do for me?

LOOP makes fleet data management a snap

Maximise cash-flow

Eliminate time spent in dispute with customers over charges

Improve accuracy

Improve the accuracy of invoices by using up-to-date fleet data, directly from the best source

Gain confidence

Key data independently verified by expert analysts at RDC

Save time

Minimise time researching and requesting information by accessing all of your customers' data in one platform

Powerful features

LOOP has all of the following out of the box…

Integrates with your MyRDC account Manage organisations / teams Custom fleet data output Powerful data filtering Easy to view associated documentation User defined columns and units Access anywhere Everyone on the same page

…and this is just the beginning!

How can I find out more?

If you think LOOP can help your organisation we'd love to hear from you

Thanks for reaching out!

We look forward to letting you know all about what LOOP can do for your business.
We usually will respond to your request within 2 business days.